21 Jun 2019 Fri. – West Garmany, Berlin, Germany

West Garmany

Our performance is absolute improvisation such as most primitive style.
“Quruku” and “Ico” are imaginary performers, who are created by our programming. By joining them our music becomes more accidental and full of uncertainties.Not only the music, we display digital images also impromptu besides the sounds to make our performance more impressive.We try to create a work with the viewpoint of “experience of space”.
Based mainly in Tokyo, Japan, we continue to perform at home and abroad.
web site http://takkiduda.com/
Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SR9gX96m0g

“White Noises + Black Roses”
By Laure Boer and Yan Gi Cheng (ROY G BIV)

This performance entitled ‘White Noises + Black Roses’ is a collaborative duo between Laure Boer and Yan Gi Cheng (ROY G BIV). It is a transformative and progressive live action and sound performance which explores dissonant and irrational approaches. Working through improvisation it goes beyond comprehension, allowing sounds to be conveyed through cathartic and rhythmic repetition. Through the use of informal instruments and machines, as opposed to formal music, the activity of the composer – performer is like travelling through a sonic environment of ongoing sound and noise; examining, manipulating and adjusting it’s terrain and texture in the present moment. Machines and Nature are at war with each other at the onslaught of industrial capitalism; thus a space free from trauma and banality is to be carved out by the forces of sound frequency and the language of invisible forces.