19 Jul 2019 Fri. Kulturhaus abraxas, Augsburg, Germany, ″Re:flexions / sound-art festival 2019″

Re:flexions / sound-art festival 2019
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Kulturhaus abrahttps://www.facebook.com/Kulturhausabraxas/xas

Freitag, 19.07.18

Einlass/doors: 19:30
Beginn/start: 20:00 (pünktlich!/on time!)

Kulturhaus abraxas
Sommestr. 30, 86156 Augsburg

Eintritt / admission: € 20
ermässigt / reduced: € 10
(Schüler, Studenten, Behinderte - gegen Vorlage Ausweis)
Kultursozialticket: € 1 (nur Restkarten)



軌久-NORIHIKO- [dance, flute]


松村尚志 [synthesizer, live compose]

Naoshi Matsumura (https://www.shupi.co/works)

He started music activities at the dawn of rave party on the East Coast in United States in 1994. Under the name of DJ NaosisoaN, receive high praise in a borderless play style that melts the sound in time and space, centering on Ambient / Electronica / Chill Out.
After returning Japan, he participated in iimprovisation Ambient Unit called “Utsuroi no Matataki". They had been around the country with festivals, parties, and etc…
In recent years, he mainly works on collaborating with visual artists and space decorative lighting artists providing music to video works and art installations.
For composing and gigs, he mainly uses synthesizers (modular/analogue/digital), computers, crystal bowls, tuning forks, and field recording sounds.
He is also djing as resident DJ at bio market in his home town called ‘’Fujino’’ experimenting and practicing alternative life.

音作家/DJ/プロデューサー 松村尚志
Sound Artist/DJ/Producer Naoshi Matsumura です。そして昔からNaosisoaNという名義でチルアウト/アンビエントのDJをやっている。

Leiya [dance]

Emmanuelle Valette-Matsumura (http://emmanuellevalette.com)

She is a choreographic artist and energy therapist. Her approach is to express the movement of life in all its forms and to harmonize the 5 elements in the body that interacts with an environment and integrated into the universe. She experiments and researches the expression of the invisible and the sensitive, to mobilize the senses and to transcend emotions, and those with various media (movement, sensation, images, painting, photo, materials, memories). She runs the company Otomi Namaste which offers healing, personal development and dance and meditation workshops. She performs regularly on the Tokyo experimental scene, in festivals with her group "organic dance tribe" or other collectives of artists (fire dance, butoh, musicians, calligraphy).